Intalight and Adapt, in a successful collaboration, are thrilled to announce the significant milestone of ANVISA approval for DREAM OCT™. This approval, granted by the Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA), is a testament to the device’s safety, quality, and efficacy. It is valid indefinitely, ensuring our joint commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in ophthalmic technology.

“I am excited about the partnership with Adapt, as I feel confident they will do a great job representing Intalight in Brazil. They are an experienced company of OCT experts and are ready for the next challenge of selling the most advanced OCT in the world, the VG-200 DREAM OCT,” states Joe Garibaldi, Intalight’s chief commercial officer.

DREAM OCT™, which stands for Deep imaging depth, Rapid sweeping speed, Extensive scan range, Accurate lesion detection, and Multimodal imaging capabilities, has truly revolutionized ophthalmic imaging.

In 2019, Intalight introduced the world’s first 200kHz commercial OCT system, the DREAM OCT. The powerful imaging device has become an indispensable tool for many ophthalmologists in their daily clinical practice and exploration of the research frontiers.

Driven by cutting-edge ultra-widefield swept-source OCT and Intalight’s exclusive algorithms, the VG200 OCT achieves a remarkable imaging depth of 12 mm (in tissue) for retina imaging and 16.2 mm (in air) for the anterior segment. This device delivers precise imaging of the eye’s fundus (retina) and the complete anterior segment, aiding in diagnosing various anterior pathologies.

Exceeding the scanning speed of current OCT devices, the DREAM OCT boasts the fastest scanning rate, ranging from 200KHz to 400KHz. This rapid acquisition capability, combined with a processing time of about 20 seconds, is crucial for high-resolution OCT Angiography, effectively eliminating artifacts caused by eye movements.

“Our aim is to make ultra-widefield swept-source OCT technology financially available to academic and private practitioners globally, as we believe it represents the next phase in OCT evolution,” continues Garibaldi.

DREAM OCT™ is accessible in Brazil and China. More than 100 papers published in peer-reviewed journals have also utilized findings from DREAM OCT™ devices.


Intalight was founded in 2014 by a group of Silicon Valley scientists and industry veterans with a core mission to develop the most advanced ophthalmic technologies. In 2015, the company moved its base of operations to mainland China, and there are now three sites in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, and Luoyang. To learn more about Intalight and DREAM OCT, please visit


One of the largest ophthalmology companies in the country, Adapt offers a wide variety of high-quality products for surgical and diagnostic areas. They provide surgical products to treat various eye disorders, including cataracts, glaucoma, retinal, dry eye, and refractive errors, as well as a line of diagnostics.