Recently, the globally renowned Medtech Outlook, a leading magazine in the United States focusing on medical technology, has announced its “Top 10 Retinal Imaging Solutions Provider 2023.” Intalight’s DREAM OCT has made the prestigious list, standing out for its exceptional hardware technology and robust software algorithm capabilities, joining the ranks of many other world-leading brands in the top 10.

Medtech Outlook is dedicated to tracking the latest trends, challenges, and innovative solutions in the medical technology sector, selecting top providers from different specialties around the world each year. Intalight’s achievement in winning this global accolade signifies the global ophthalmological community’s high regard for DREAM OCT.

Guided by modern optical technology, Intalight continues to focus on providing more advanced ophthalmic products and technology solutions to patients and healthcare providers worldwide. The company has strategically positioned itself across different product lines in the high-end ophthalmic diagnostic and treatment equipment sector, with more world-leading core technology products in development set to be launched. Under the leadership of a world-class R&D team, Intalight is poised to achieve more pinnacle breakthroughs in the field of ophthalmology and collaborate with more world-class experts at the summit of achievement!